dear brothers sisters palestine

taman-taman syurga *gambaran duniawi
yesterday, after 4 rakaat terawih,we have a short talk or tazkirah often, but yesterday  were really had a special tazkirah for us
it is.......... JENG JENG JENG
I'm not remember his name, sorry my bad, but for sure the tazkirah delivered by a man from GAZA,  have 2 children and a wife but he cant visit them as now at Gaza have a big war *we(para jemaah) start to burst into tears
seriously, it so pathetic, to hear the story from a  person  who really deal with that kind of situation it so touching, you know? we are muslims, so we are siblings, 
of course, when our sibling feel the pain we could feel it too
"tidak sempurna, iman seseorang, jika tidak mencitai saudaranya, sepertimana mencintai diri sendiri, itulah makna hidup berteman" *walaupun mcm tak kena,  but still you got my point right? haha

then, he told us about his friend, 
so oneday his friend get a call from 'army', then they told him that within a several minute they will bomb his house where his family inside there, then he immediately try to called his parents, family member to remind them to run away from that house , but he cant contact his family so he run back to his house, unfortunately,he a little bit late 
then what he saw?
he just see  blood here and there, his house was destroy, and all his family gone
then one of my favourite quotes, he said
"they can kill our children, women, and our family but we will not kill their family, their children, women, because we are muslim" -GAZAIANS-
subhanallah, how beautiful Islam isn't it?
betapa indah dan mulia islam itu, 
our prophet taught us to defend our deen, to protect the honour of Islam, but not TO KILL PEOPLE, that Islam, and
 last quote is
"we are born to die for Islam, for Allah"

but different in Malaysia, we are born to get 4flat, to become engineer *deep deep
jom muhasabah
then we end our tazkirah with doa for our siblings in Gaza, yeah we cried and cried, ihope that oneday i can step on the earth of Gaza, i want them to know that we're all muslim around the world really care about them, we want join them together to fight for Islam, Allahuakbar
well, in KK12 theres a lot of foreigner here, so Alhamdulilah, we have our sibling from china, palestine and some more other country
i hope we could be more aware about our sibling out there ya muslims

(SORRY FOR MY BROKEN ENGLISH) *practise make perfect

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